Conventions and Exhibitions

Convention and Exhibition Marketing Gets a Boost through Complete Location Based Marketing System

Convention and exhibition facilities and venues have a unique market, which calls for a unique approach to marketing. Retail Marketing System’s location based marketing services offer an ideal solution for effective marketing that meets prospects and customers exactly where they are in their day-to-day lives: online with their mobile devices.

It’s no secret that the old methods for marketing, such as print advertising, Yellow Pages and television commercials are no longer effective for reaching busy, on-the-go consumers. Just like retail stores, hotels and shopping centers must connect with prospects and customers on mobile Internet turf in order to obtain desired marketing results, convention and exhibition facilities can more easily engage their target market through a multi-method approach that is addressed through RMS’s one-of-a-kind location based marketing system.

It is only through location based marketing that convention and exhibition businesses and vendors can deliver messages to the right people at just the right time. RMS takes it up a notch by offering not only the typical Bluetooth and WiFi marketing that most companies use, but we also incorporate digital signage, QR codes, text marketing and a complete consumer-behavior tracking system. These pieces of the marketing puzzle work together to create a fully-integrated location based marketing system that is unique to RMS and powerful in the hands of convention and exhibition clients.

Covering the Bases for Convention and Exhibition Marketing with Location Based Marketing

Bluetooth marketing or WiFi marketing alone is not enough to cover all of the bases for effectively reaching a target market. Make sure you reach as many ideal prospects as possible at your next convention or exhibit through RMS’s complete system.

RMS’s fully-integrated, user-friendly proximity marketing system helps clients to generate increased revenues, but it isn’t right for each and every convention and exhibition client. Clients who will benefit most from RMS’s innovative location based marketing include those who:

  • Want to get new vendors, participants and attendees in the door.
  • Want to create loyalty from vendors and attendees.
  • Want to bring their marketing focus locally—even capturing those people who are within a few hundred feet of their convention or exhibition.
  • Want to offer customers and prospects special offers or couponing to create repeat customers.

What Can RMS’s Complete Location Based Marketing Do for Your Convention and Exhibition Marketing?

To achieve optimal results with your convention and exhibition marketing, you need a location based marketing system that utilizes multiple methods to both reach and engage ideal prospects through your message. RMS expertly delivers the solution you require, enabling you to build your brand in a way that generates interest and builds consumer loyalty.

Convention and exhibition clients no longer must spend excessive amounts of money to develop a brand or create buzz about their events. The RMS location based marketing system does it all for you with less time and monetary investment. The big surprise for our clients is that it is now possible to save money while increasing exposure and growing a customer base.

Let the RMS system manage all of the details and customer-behavior tracking for you, so you can continue with the essential tasks of running your convention or exhibition, while reaping the rewards of your marketing campaign.

RMS’s location based marketing system also features the ability to focus on convention and exhibition prospects in a very specific area, enabling you to capture consumers who are within a few hundred feet of your event. This streamlined form of proximity marketing helps you to market more efficiently, saving time and marketing dollars. When you want to get even more up close and personal with your prospects, you can learn exactly what and how consumers are purchasing through our unique consumer-behavior tracking.

Customized Location Based Marketing Provides Desired Results for Convention and Exhibition Marketing

RMS’s cutting-edge methods for mobile marketing put a new spin on location based marketing that is customized for each client. A shopping mall’s needs for marketing may differ from the needs of convention and exhibition marketing, and the RMS marketing experts understand this difference. The team carefully analyzes each proximity marketing client’s situation to determine the best set of tools and methods that should be utilized to maximize effectiveness and give the client the best bang for their marketing buck.

Call RMS today at 800-852-2595 to find out if your convention and exhibition business can benefit from location based marketing. RMS offers a free assessment to determine whether this service is right for your unique business.