Hospitality and Tourism

Customized Location Based Marketing Provides the Right Combination for Hospitality and Tourism

The unique industry of hospitality and tourism marketing has a secret weapon in location based marketing of which few businesses are taking advantage. Retail Marketing Systems is zeroing in on this industry, providing an ideal combination of services to produce profitable results.

Customers seeking hotels, resorts and tourism experiences present the perfect market for this form of marketing. Businesses can reach these consumers more effectively than ever before when they connect with them through their mobile devices. RMS’s location based marketing provides these businesses with the tools necessary to establish interactions with these guests through powerful multi-media messages that meet the consumers where they are: online with their mobile devices.

As traditional marketing methods often fail to engage hospitality consumers, location based marketing delivers the opportunity to send the right messages at the right time. This is a transformational tool for hotels, resorts and tourist locales that are tired of wasting marketing dollars and are ready to experience an increased return on investment.

RMS Delivers One-of-a-Kind Location Based Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism

RMS is currently the only location based marketing company encompassing a big picture perspective, rather than focusing on just one method, such as Bluetooth or WiFi marketing. By integrating the best technology has to offer, RMS can effectively reach consumers who are no longer sitting at their desktops to access the information they need.

Hospitality and tourism target markets are on-the-go, using their mobile devices to seek information, so it only makes sense to leverage this fact through location based marketing. RMS provides fully-integrated location based marketing, which includes:

  • Bluetooth marketing
  • WiFi marketing
  • Digital Signage
  • QR Codes
  • Text marketing
  • Consumer-behavior tracking.

By using each of these methods in one integrated system, RMS is taking businesses to the next level in their marketing efforts. For hospitality and tourism this means that once a guest comes within three to 300 feet of the business location, they will receive a relevant, targeted interactive marketing message. The message relates to where they are and what they are doing, so the guests are compelled to interact, pay attention and take action. Hotels, resorts and tourist spots can use this opportunity to send special offers, coupons and promotions directly to the guests’ mobile devices.

RMS measures the response to these marketing messages, so business clients can fine-tune and tailor messages to become as impactful as possible. Whether guests are walking by the business, in the parking lot or in a waiting area, they will receive a message that means something to them in that very moment, increasing the chance for a positive response and action.

RMS’s complete location based marketing provides a major benefit that most other marketing methods simply cannot provide: relevancy. While a special hotel offer may not compel someone who is sitting at their desktop in their home, it will absolutely cause a vacationer to stop and consider the promotion when they receive it on their smartphone as they search for a hotel.

Consumers on vacation or business trips are often a captive audience for these types of special hospitality and tourism offers, and RMS helps businesses to take full advantage of the captive audience.

Hospitality and Tourism Marketing: Make Each Dollar Count with Location Based Marketing

RMS provides all-encompassing location based marketing to expand the marketing reach, enabling hotels, resorts and tourism locations to conduct more effective marketing practices, which inevitably increases ROI. Experts have identified mobile devices as one of the marketing industry’s fast-growing channels. The ever-increasing number of mobile device-users gives hospitality and tourism marketing a prime opportunity to establish an immediate method for connecting and engaging with guests as well as potential guests.

Why bother with outdated, static marketing methods, when you can deliver your compelling message to guests and prospects who are exactly where you want them to be and ready to receive your message? Forget spending money on display advertising to your guests. Instead, utilize proximity marketing to combine the most successful and relevant advertising channels available.

The secret is out: Location based marketing makes good business sense for the hospitality and tourism industry. However, many businesses have yet to catch onto the secret, so now is the time to utilize this method to obtain a sharp competitive edge.

RMS’s location based marketing for hospitality and tourism will make the most of your budget, and handle all of the details while you can continue the necessary tasks to keep your business running optimally.

Call today 800-852-2595 to find out if your business can benefit from location based marketing. RMS offers a free assessment to determine whether this service is right for your unique business.