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Mall Marketing: How Location Based Marketing is Creating New Opportunities to Reach Consumers

When consumers step into a shopping center or mall, they tend to be desensitized to most traditional mall marketing. The typical mall signage, overhead announcement, and display advertising no longer cause the consumer to stop to listen or consider the marketing message. Why? Because they are busy, on-the-go, and often preoccupied with their mobile devices, such as smartphones, iPods and iPads.

Checking their e-mail on their smartphone. Reading their newsfeed on Facebook. There’s so much going on that it is highly unlikely the consumer will even hear or see the flashiest of mall marketing messages. That is, unless you meet them where they are—on their medium of choice, through location based marketing.

Location based marketing, also called proximity marketing, is both effective and affordable, providing a solution for reaching a large market within a specific location. Consumers who come near to your location within this specified area will receive relevant mall marketing multimedia content sharing with them special opportunities, exclusive offers, discounts and events that may appeal to them right at that very moment.

Unlike other forms of mall marketing that may come at consumers in moments when they are doing other things, location based marketing connects with them when it is most convenient, and as they are within walking distance from the mall. These factors significantly increase the chance to pull in consumers, build customer loyalty and score sales.

Location Based Marketing Delivers Value-Added, Aptly-Timed Mall Marketing Options

There’s no better time to market to potential mall customers than at the point-of-purchase. After all, the customers are already physically in or near the shopping center, so the most challenging aspect of mall marketing has been conquered. The customer is essentially there for the taking, and location based marketing enters the picture as a welcome image, text, or multi-media message, helping them along in their mall experience, showing them where to find the best deals and shopping opportunities to enhance their mall experience.

While some location based marketing services focus only on Bluetooth marketing or WiFi marketing, shopping centers seeking the most impact for their marketing dollars should choose to go with a complete location based marketing system that offers a wide range of services, including Bluetooth and WiFi marketing, but also text marketing, QR codes, digital signage and all-important customer-behavior tracking.

The customer-behavior tracking is often a missing piece to the puzzle for location based marketing services. But by utilizing a system that includes this service, you will better understand how and why your customers are responding to your mall marketing messages and can identify what you should do to customize your messages to increase relevancy and influence.

Business owners who think outside of the box when it comes to mall marketing are choosing location based marketing and discovering that their marketing budgets go further, while their return on investment takes-off like never before. Meeting prospects and customers exactly where they are with a compelling message that relates to them in the right moment establishes customer-rapport and paves the way for customer loyalty—the components of a profitable mall marketing success story.

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