Mobile Website Design

Mobile Websites Are No Longer An Option

Good news! Mobile phones are getting more and more advanced and easier to use every day. Add the fact that wireless internet connection is much faster and smart phones are much cheaper than they were a few years ago and you’ve got the perfect opportunity to rapidly expand your business.

Why? Because over ninety percent of Americans have mobile phones and over forty-five percent of these Americans use their mobile phone’s browsers to gain instant access to the internet to search online for local businesses and services. And according to recent studies, ninety seven of consumers are using the web to find products and services in their local area and seventy three percent of all mobile searches are for local businesses and services.

But…Mobile phone users spend less than one minute on your website when evaluating your business and searching for your contact information, so having a website specifically made for their mobile phones is not just a convenience…it’s a must!

Your prospects and customers don’t want the hassle of enlarging their screen, shrinking their screen, scrolling from left to right and right to left just to find your company’s list of services and contact information. They want easy navigation and direct access to the the important facts and information that meets their needs.

So, if you want to succeed in today’s rapidly changing marketplace, you need to adapt and embrace new innovations. You need to create a mobile version of your company’s website to give today’s on-the-go shoppers a fast, precise, convenient place to access your most relevant information from the comfort of their phones.