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What are the Best Options for Shopping Center Marketing?

As a shopping center business owner, an important task of your job is to seek new and affordable ways to reach customers effectively through shopping center marketing. With many methods available to retailers, it can be challenging to determine the best option most worthy of your marketing dollars. Consider the marketing options listed below to help you to identify the shopping center marketing techniques that may pack the most punch for your business:

  1. Print Advertising — Once the “King” of all marketing methods, print advertising seems to have lost much of its power thanks to the Internet and mobile devices. Studies have shown that consumers are less likely to stop and consider a print advertising message than many other forms of marketing. Still, there may be times when the right opportunity for print advertising seems like a good fit for your shopping center marketing.
  2. E-mail Marketing — While this can be done effectively, shopping centers will likely discover there is a fine line between e-mail marketing and spam. E-mail users are increasingly sensitive to unwanted messages in the inbox and quickly trash unwelcome messages or click the “SPAM” button, which can disable your e-mail marketing campaign.
  3. Blogging — Business blogging is a good idea to utilize as a component of shopping center marketing. It may not prove incredibly effective as a stand-alone marketing tool, but when used as part of a fully-integrated marketing campaign, blogging can make a difference in increasing traffic to your business website and social media profiles. Sending links or quotes from a business blog post can be incorporated into your marketing campaign in a way that enables you to deliver valuable information that your prospects are seeking.
  4. Social Media — From Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest and Google+, social media has overtaken the Internet and cannot be denied as a marketing powerhouse. Nearly everyone is using social media, so it makes good business sense that you would want to utilize it in your shopping center marketing. Again, like blogging, creating and utilizing social media profiles is one important component of your full-scale marketing campaign. It cannot stand-alone as your only marketing tool, but it most definitely can play an important role.
  5. Texting — A form of mobile marketing, text messages can deliver relevant messages, special offers and announcements to mobile device users. Because the number of mobile device users is growing so much that experts say this number will soon surpass desktop Internet users, it makes sense to jump on this tool for your shopping center marketing campaign. An important thing to remember is that texting is most impactful as part of a proximity marketing campaign, because in this way it delivers relevant messages to consumers when they are in the right place and frame of mind to consider the messages.
  6. Location based marketing — Featuring the ability to target prospects who are in a very specific area, this marketing method when conducted correctly, is a fully-integrated system to get your shopping center marketing message in front of customers and prospects when they are within a few hundred feet of your location. Delivering the messages to their mobile devices enables you to meet them where they are in a way that they are ready to receive the message. Incorporating Bluetooth and WiFi marketing, as well as text marketing, QR codes, digital signage and consumer-behavior tracking, a full-scale location based marketing system provides a truly customized approach to shopping center marketing.

For more information on shopping center marketing, including text marketing, social media, and location based marketing, contact Retail Management Systems at 800-852-2595.

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