Location Based Marketing

Location Based Marketing targets prospective customers and current customers based upon their location. One of the greatest ways to persuade customers to visit your location is to grab their attention with just the right offer when they are within 100-200 feet of your location.

It’s easy to target the right people with the right offer and the right time if you take advantage of the right combination of technology and marketing strategy.

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Mobile Websites

95% of all websites are designed to be viewed on a personal computer rather than from a mobile phone. That has been OK in the past but very hard on businesses going forward.

  • Yet there are now 5 times more mobile phones than there are PCs.
  • Over 60% of people search for local businesses and retailers on their mobile phones while they are out shopping or at restaurants.

What does your website look like from a mobile phone?

Take a look at your website using the most popular mobile phones in the market. It will surprise how hard it is to view your website content.

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Text Message Marketing

Mobile phones are becoming more and more important in reaching customers and prospects.

Did you know that 95% of all text messages are viewed within 5 minutes of sending them?

Did you know that less than 30% of people read their emails and that take an average of 2 days.

By using text messaging you can greatly increase the number of people who respond to your offers. Because people like shorter text messages you don’t have to write so much to get them to respond.

Find out how Mobile Text Marketing can increase the traffic to your location.

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QR Code Marketing

Have you seen the two dimensional bar codes called QR Codes? The are rapidly gaining in popularity.

QR Code scans have increased 4,549% between Q1, 2010 and Q1, 2011.

Most users who scan QR Codes expect to get a coupon or a special offer

Are you taking advantage of this exploding retail marketing technique?

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