Text Message Marketing

Increase The ROI Of Your Marketing Campaigns

Technological advancements have significantly changed our lives for the better. It has made our lives more convenient and faster. When it comes to the world of marketing, a new method is now being used and has proven to be very effective. It’s called SMS or text message marketing and it has many advantages that should be of interest to you

The first benefit would be the cost. Text message marketing is far less expensive when compared to other forms of marketing. Small business owners are finding it to be much more cost effective compared to using direct mail, newspaper, radio, and television advertising. Your return on investment is often 100, 200, 300:1 or more which can really help a small business grow especially during tough time.

Your text message marketing campaigns directly target a specific group of prospects or customers so you don’t waste your marketing dollars. You select the appropriate criteria and demographics to laser target only the people who are most likely to respond and spend money with you or fulfill other specific needs. Try doing that with other forms of advertising like radio, television and newspapers who’s range is so broad that most, if not all, people are not even remotely interested in you or your products and services.

The setup and creation of new campaigns is very fast and easy with text message marketing. Often taking less than 5 minutes before your advertisement is up and ready to go. You no longer have to spend long weeks of planning, designing and laying out your plan like other marketing methods, so it’s more practical since it saves you time and money.

You’ll be “top of mind” because prospects and customers are more likely to remember your company and brand if you stay in contact with them. Text messaging tips and advice gives people a feeling that you are personally reaching out to them because you know what they need and want. You’ll always be number one on their list when it comes to your products and services helping you build and maintain a solid base of loyal customers.

Text message marketing offers you more flexibility since you can set up laser targeted campaigns quickly and easily, that are less expensive than other forms of advertising yet gets a better response rate, all while building your brand and customer loyalty. So what are you waiting for? It really is a “no brainer”. Just pick up the phone, call our office and start making more money today.